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OrthoTrauma is a group of orthopaedic surgeons that do after-hours orthopaedic trauma at several hospitals in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

Looking for the doctor that treated you?


Dr. Johan Charilaou

Dr. Rudolph Venter

Dr. Viseslav Boscovic

Dr. Gadi Epstein

Dr. Shafique Jakoet

Dr. Kaylem Coetzee

Dr. Rainhard van Zyl

Dr. Renier Kriel

Dr. Michael Abramson

Dr. Richard Morkel

Dr. Jon Cornelissen

Dr. Nic Rogers

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If you’ve been referred to us by your local Emergency room doctor, and need an appointment, contact us.

021 023 3411
076 999 2515
Unit 106, First Floor, Panorama Healthcare Centre
60 Hennie Winterbach Street, Panorama
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