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OrthoTrauma is an associated group practice, consisting of a group of capable surgeons with diverse and complimentary skill sets. The team offers after hours and weekend orthopaedic trauma cover at several hospitals in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

At OrthoTrauma

Patients come first

Our patients are at the top of our list of priorities. We not only ensure that you have high-quality care, but we will also take the time to help you understand how each procedure is to be performed. We also explain the importance of self-monitoring and following your doctor’s guidelines post-surgery. Optimising healthcare in order to assist our patients back to productivity is our mission. We undertake to not only provide quality care and treatment but also to ensure that our services are affordable and accessible.

We offer a new standard of medical excellence with our philosophy of orthopaedic care. Using the latest orthopaedic techniques, we help restore the maximum function possible in light of trauma or degenerative disease. Whether you are coping with a sports injury or the pain of arthritis, we are committed to providing you with the best orthopaedic care in a supportive environment.

We will discuss with you the best treatment options for your individual needs.

Our goal at OrthoTrauma is to deliver prompt access to appointments, after surgery support, diagnostic services, and procedures that are tailored to your requirements.

We work at the leading edge of trauma surgery with device technologies and surgical applications.

OrthoTrauma has a wealth of experience and we have become  one of the leading authorities on orthopaedic advice in the Western Cape.


Dr. Johan Charilaou

Dr. Rudolph Venter

Dr. Viseslav Boscovic

Dr. Gadi Epstein

Dr. Shafique Jakoet

Dr. Kaylem Coetzee

Dr. Rainhard van Zyl

Dr. Renier Kriel

Dr. Michael Abramson

Dr. Richard Morkel

Dr. Jon Cornelissen

Dr. Nicholas Rogers

Contact Us

021 023 3411
076 999 2515
Unit 106, First Floor, Panorama Healthcare Centre
60 Hennie Winterbach Street, Panorama
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